Platform Overview

Revolutionary is a strong word. But in the case of Tepha’s advanced medical devices, it is entirely fitting. In addition to further iterations of Tepha’s current medical device products, the Company is developing an array of future products, from braided sutures to absorbable stents, and there are many more devices on the horizon. Tepha represents a major step forward in improving patient care.

Tepha’s current medical devices are made from the flexible and extensible TephaFLEX® material, one of few absorbable polymers introduced for use in medical devices in the past twenty years. In addition to developing new products from this material, Tepha is also looking to develop devices made from its elastomeric absorbable TephELAST® polymer. Both of these polymers are the result of a proprietary biotechnology production process that provides our medical devices with exceptional strength, toughness, and absorption that can be tailored to the needs of a specific medical device indication.

Capable of being extruded, injection molded, solution cast, or made into microspheres as well as other forms, the TephaFLEX® and TephELAST® materials offer high-performance processing options that can be transformed into tomorrow’s leading-edge medical devices.