TephaFLEX® Absorbable Stents and Stent Coatings*

Absorbable Stent Designs


  • Coating is highly extensible to prevent cracking upon stent expansion
  • Polymer matrix for local drug delivery
  • Balloon expandable and self-expanding designs
  • Low elastic recoil
  • MRI compatible
  • Fully absorbable stent allows for improved vessel remodeling
  • Allows for future reinterventions


Tepha is developing fully absorbable stents and coatings made from TephaFLEX® material. This could allow for local drug elution while leaving no permanent residual polymer, which might address the issue of late stent thrombosis with current DESs. In addition, Tepha is developing fully absorbable polymer stents containing TephaFLEX® material, which would provide the necessary support during the vessel remodeling period and then completely disappear.


  • Drug-eluting coating for coronary stents
  • Fully absorbable peripheral stents
  • Fully absorbable coronary stents
  • Non-vascular stents

*Products under development